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Submitted: 06 June 2013 Modified: 04 September 2013
HERDIN Record #: R05-BU-13060610091856

Sibling rivalry among families in General Trias Cavite


STUDY DESIGN: The study utilized the descriptive survey method of research. As such, it made use of a structured questionnaire as the main data-gathering tool.

STUDY POPULATION: One hundred eighty-one mothers of five barangays of Gen. Trias, Cavite were taken as respondents. They currently have children aged 1-18 years.


This study was undertaken to determine the level of knowledge of the mothers of Gen. Trias, Cavite as regards sibling rivalry. The strategies utilized to manage it as well as the parenting techniques to minimize its occurrence were identified. The specific sub-problems were as follows:

1. What is the profile of the mother respondents in terms of:
a. age
b. civil status
c. religious affiliation
d. number of children
e. highest educational attainment
f. occupation
g. average monthly income?

2. What is their level of knowledge about sibling rivalry?

3. What strategies do they utilize to manage sibling rivalry?

4. What parenting techniques may be proposed to minimize sibling rivalry?

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