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Submitted: 06 June 2013 Modified: 05 September 2013
HERDIN Record #: R05-BU-13060610280894

Health practices of the elderly in the urban barangays of Daraga, Albay


STUDY DESIGN: This study is a desriptive-correlational type of research.

STUDY POPULATION: The respondents of the study are the elderly living in the eight urban barangays of the municipality of Daraga. Sample survey was used in this study, hence the probability sampling technique was applied.


The study focused on the investigation of health practices of the elderly living in the eight urban barangays of Daraga, Albay. It intended to determine whether their health practices could help them attain a favourable health state in old age. Specifically, this aimed to answer the following sub-problems:

1. What is the demographic profile of the elderly as to:
a. age
b. sex
c. civil status
d. religion
e. number of children
f. educational attainment
g. occupation
h. average monthly income
i. living arrangement

2. What is their medical profile along health problems and diagnosed illnesses?

3. What are the health practices in terms of:
a. nutrition
b. exercise
c. hygiene
d. sleeping patterns
e. socialization
f. medication/treatment compliance, and
g. consultation

4. Is there a significant relationship between the medical profile and the health practices?

5. What measures may be proposed to improve the health practices of the elderly?

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