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Submitted: 28 June 2013 Modified: 31 August 2013
HERDIN Record #: R05-BU-13062814550324

Effects of nurses' caring behaviors to Primiparas

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STUDY DESIGN: This study used the descriptive-correlational research design employing survey method to gather information and needed data, through the use of structured questionnaire as the main research tool.

STUDY POPULATION: There were two groups of respondents. The primiparas comprised the 42 mothers who delivered normally at the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital during the data-gathering period. The second group were the five labor and delivery room nurses who attended to the primiparas during labor and delivery.


The study was an attempt to determine the effects of nurses' caring behavior to Primiparas.

Specifically, it sought answers to the following sub-problems:

1. What is the socio-demographic profile of the respondents in terms of:

a. age
b. civil status
c. religion
d. educational attainment
e. occupation and
f. monthly family income?

2. What are the caring behaviors demonstrated by the labor and delivery room nurses in terms of the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects as perceived by
a. primiparas
b. nurses?

3. Is there a significant relationship between the caring behaviors and the socio-demographic profile of the primiparas?

4. What is the extent of effect of nurses' caring behaviors on the mothers as perceived by the respondents?

5. Is there a significant difference between the extent of effects of caring behaviors as perceived by the two groups of respondents?

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